Budak Pantai Presents
What Doesn’t Kill You
(Hasn’t Killed You Yet)

Come together for an evening of silly chatter, irrelevant counsel, and carefree musings in song and laughter, as we look back at 2023. Join Budak Pantai at their concert on 25 Nov to remember all that’s good. Oh, and bring your Santa hat. 

Sat, 25 Nov 2023

SOTA Concert Hall

Budak Pantai can be summed up in one word: HAVING FUN. The quintet, billed as “five men and a guitar” and hence not exactly a cappella, have a well-earned reputation for being ceaselessly entertaining and irreverent.

Budak Pantai | Five Men and a Guitar
Danny Lai | Budak Pantai

Danny Lai

Gordon Ng | Budak Pantai

Gordon Ng

Ho Kah Keh | Budak Pantai

Ho Kah Keh

Joseph Wong | Budak Pantai

Joseph Wong

Micheal Loh | Budak Pantai

Michael Loh